Small animal stomach tube

  • 36Fr size: Internal diameter 9.5mm, External 12mm, Length 150cm
  • Transparent medical grade plastic tubing. Metal weighted tip (radiopaque).
  • For relief of oesophageal obstruction, gastric lavage or administration
  • Rounded distal tip to reduce trauma during introduction

Equine stomach tube

  • Quality, great value tubes in 4 sizes
  • Transparent medical grade plastic tubing retains flexibility across wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Flared proximal end to facilitate the use of a funnel or pump
  • Smooth distal end with additional laterally located opening

GVP Equine stomach tube – LARGE
Inside diameter 12mm, Outside 19mm, Length 3.04m


GVP Equine stomach tube – MEDIUM
Inside diameter 9mm, Outside 16mm, Length 2.74m


GVP Equine stomach tube – SMALL
Inside diameter 8mm, Outside 13mm, Length 2.74m


GVP Equine stomach tube – FOAL
Inside diameter 6.5mm, Outside 9.5mm, Length 2.13m